Research Team

<a href="">Bradley Miller</a>

Assistant Professor in charge of Soil Informatics

<a href="">Luis Bentancor</a>

Luis Bentancor

PhD Student

Digital Soil Mapping

 <a href="">Meyer Bohn</a>

Meyer Bohn

PhD Student

Digital Soil Mapping

 <a href="">Dustin Ehret</a>

Dustin Ehret

MS Student

Digital Soil Mapping

 <a href="">Caner Ferhatoglu</a>

Caner Ferhatoglu

PhD Student

Precision Agriculture Management Zones

   <a href="">Yones Khaledian</a>

Yones Khaledian

PhD Student

Machine Learning

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Hunter Blum – Animal Ecology
  • Laura Monson – Environmental Science



  • Brittany Abernathy – Agronomy
  • Hannah Corey – Agronomy
  • Patrick Galland – Agronomy
  • Yingying Huang – Mechanical Engineering
  • Brian Jensen – Agronomy
  • Huaiyao Ma – Agronomy
  • Christina Meadows – Environmental Science / Geology
  • Will Montgomery – Environmental Science
  • Juan Mungaray – Environmental Science
  • Shubham Sharma – Computer Science
  • Jacob Wright – Agronomy
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