Service: Particle Size Analysis

Our lab offers sample analysis at a rate of $12.52/sample for Iowa State laboratories or $15.03/sample for external organizations. Before providing us with the samples, they should be prepared by drying, grinding, and passing the sample through a 2mm sieve. If you need us to grind your samples and sieve for particles over 2mm, we can provide that service for $2.50/sample (Iowa State laboratories) or $3.00/sample (external).

When you submit your samples to us, please include the form below, completed and printed with the information we’ll need to process your samples.

For inquiries about this particle size analysis or to arrange a time to bring your samples over, please contact

Graph of particle size distribution for a soil in the loam texture class
Our results spreadsheet automatically generates USDA soil texture classification and continuous curve graphs for each sample analyzed.
Excerpt from the results spreadsheet produced from our procedure for measuring particle size distribution. The full results sheet contains data for the 101 size bins measured by the laser diffractometer, which is used to construct either a continuous graph of volume percent or aggregated for different size groupings as needed.
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